Friday, October 06, 2006

Ruined Italian Villa

You know how in The English Patient the characters are riding out the end of the war in a half-ruined Italian villa? That's kind of where I imagine I am in Sock Wars. The war is still going on, but I'm over here waiting to find out what's supposed to happen next. But I think it's about time for me to re-join the fighting.

(Maybe it's less like The English Patient and more like that period of time between Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy. I am the Jason Bourne of Sock Wars).

I've killed off Yarn Fairy. Yarn Fairy had already killed off Yarn4Kalei, and I believe had already finished socks for Kalei's victim YarnSnob before her Socks of Doom arrived -- but I don't think she's sent them. On her blog, Yarn Snob thinks she's offed her victim (Zari Zamen?) and her victim's victim (Delice?).

My assassin, WoolieBagLady, is a Dead Woman Walking, with socks from her killer WestOzCaat already on their way. WestOzCaat has noticed the holding pattern I'm in, and I think she wants to skip over it, and has begun contacting those folks downstream.

So while I wait for WoolieBagLady and WestOzCaat to decide who gets to try to kill me, I think it's time I reactivated and sought out exactly who I should be knitting for now. But is it Yarn Snob or is it someone much further down the chain? Ms it you?

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Cat Herself said...

I"m with you - totally confused. My assassin seems to have disappeared. Her assassin is, as far as I know, still knitting. My victim should have her socks by now, and her victim is offed, too. I think that person (I'd used names but we're all named Cathy, I think) is going to send me her partial socks, but I'm not sure. I'll probably knit up several pairs of socks and never get a pair myself and be forgotten from the wars and be lost.

Worst comes to worst we'll just end by knitting socks for one another, ok? :-) We'll probably get around to doing that anyway.