Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kids Stuff

The Wild Things crown has been sitting on the desk, where I have to look at it and be unhappy. And then one morning it occurred to me -- what if I just trimmed off what I didn't like about it?

VoilĂ . A Wild Things crown I'm happy with. Plus a matching felted ear-warmer for the Queen Mum of the Wild Things.

I thought about starting another while I'm on vacation this week, but my mom has been gently nagging me to make new slippers for Logan. My Lamb's Pride stash is low, but I have some Lite Lopi around, so I thought I'd see how this would work.

Maybe a little too "My Uncle Is Gay?"

I'm pretty sure this won't work, that the Lamb's Pride sole and Lite Lopi upper will felt at radically different rates. But it was a fun thing to work on while plopped on the couch watching too much TV.


Matt....... said...

Boy will it ever felt at different rates! my LYS has an example of "what not to do" that I made on display.

Anonymous said...

HA !
Poor kid. Hey, someones got to be the fun uncle! He'll be OK.

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of felting. Scissors can fix a lot of problems.

Every kid needs gay uncle who knits for them, I say.